Boise Fire Department, 1951

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    A composite photo of the 1951 Boise Fire Department. Under each individual photograph is a name and position held. First row, from the top (left to right): Donald Baker, Harry Bowen, Walter Bowling, Charles Brock, Fred Brown, Ray Brown, Tom Brown, Will Cates, John Compton, Vernard Compton, Fred Deonier, Robert Deonier, and Theodore Emery. Second row from top (left to right): Gordon Fagerstedt, Chester Farrell, James Finley, Roland Fortin, Earl Galindo, Fred Gehrig, Arthur Gregory, Henry Griffiths, Kenneth Hammond, Warren Hawkes, William Hoobing, Edgar House, and Boyd Hubbell. Third row from top (left to right): Albert Klein, Weber Layne, Robert Leibold, Harold Marker, Ralph McClure, Robert Medley, Everett Montgomery, Vernon Montgomery, William Mosier, Harry Murphy, E. C. Ormiston, Wm. O. Parry, and Ross Pecora. Fourth row from the top (left to right): David Perry, C. S. Peterson, Jr., C. S. Peterson, Sr., Harris Portlock, Henry Rensmeyer, Earl Robinson, Earl Rose, Lon Rose, Robert Rouse, Ernest Scheer, Ted Seibel, John Shalz, Jr., and Robert Swan. Second row from the bottom (left to right): Merton Sweetland, Howard Swope, Joe Turner, A. C. Tyler, Woodrow Wendler, Lynn Wilding, Orville Wright, Ellis Wroughton, Francis Yost, and Wesley Zimmerman. Bottom row (left to right): Elias N. Overgard, W. F. Roach, Charles Tucker, Steve Taylor, Claude Hoobing, Edward Records, and Flora Worthan.
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    Boise Fire Department, 1951, [date], MSS71_508, William Francis "Doc" Roach Papers, MSS 071, Special Collections and Archives, Albertsons Library, Boise State University
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    Special Collections and Archives, Albertsons Library, Boise State University

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