Boise Fire Department, 1912

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    A 1912 composite picture of the Boise Fire Department. The four fire stations in Boise at pictured, one in each corner. Upper left: Central Station (6th and Idaho), upper right: Combination Station No. 3 (16th and Ressequie), bottom right: Combination Station No. 4 (McKinley and East State Streets), and bottom left: Engine Company No. 2 (16th and Front). Individual last names and some positions are listed with each individual photograph. Top row, left to right: Fulmer, Smith, Thomas, Critchlow, and Fanckboner. Second row from top, left to right: Hodkinson, Morelock, Crane, and Stevenson. Third row from top, left to right: J. Stewart, Belsher, Morse, Lieutenant J. M. Lindsay, Chief Fulton, W. S. Walker, Lieutenant Getts, Sailor, Langdon, and Mitchell. Fourth row from top, left to right: Barts, Culver, Roach, Lieutenant Compton, Assistant Chief Lindsay, Captain Foster, Hampton, Spore, and W. S. Thomas. Second row from bottom, left to right: Polaski, Gossett, Captain Hawkins, Lieutenant Cramer, and C. W. Lindsay. Bottow row, left to right: Hitt, Stewart, Emerson, and Boyakin.
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    Boise Fire Department, 1912, [date], MSS71_509, William Francis "Doc" Roach Papers, MSS 071, Special Collections and Archives, Albertsons Library, Boise State University
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    Special Collections and Archives, Albertsons Library, Boise State University

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